Scooter Tyres  22/09/2017 Choosing scooter tyres is trickier than many people imagine. Wheel and tire size can have great impact on the way a scooter handles and it’s vital to choose the right tyres for the make and model of scooter, as well as for the way it’s going to be used. There’s a wide range of scooter tyres on the market, although not all manufacturers will make all sizes, which can restrict the options to a degree. We’ll help you make the right choice
If you don’t see what you want call we can supply almost any type of tyre.  Best prices, all major brands. Ride in, Ride out tyre fitting service & wheel balancing.    
“ We’re not just limited to the main brands here if they make a tyre we can supply it “

ROAD TYRES - Sportsbike and touring

 22/09/2017 Tyres    are    the    point    of    contact    between    a    motorbike    and    the    road.    When choosing   tyres   there’s   only   two   questions   that   really   matter;   do   they   grip   the road   effectively   and   do   they   provide   sufficient   stability   in   the   conditions   you   will be riding them? We’ll help you make the right choice 

Cruiser Tyres

 22/09/2017 Purpose-built   cruiser   tires   are   a   relatively   new   offering.   Until   now,   there   was   a variety    of    tyres    designed    specifically    for    other    applications    that    were    then pressed   into   service   on   cruisers.   Some   of   these   may   still   be   the   best   choice   for your application. Well help you select the right tyres that best suit your bike.

Off Road

 22/09/2017 Packed   with   adrenaline,   thrill,   and   all   around   fun,   off-roading is    a    hobby    specifically    meant    for    thrill    seekers.    There    are many   hobbies   out   there,   but   there   is   nothing   like   the   hobby of   fixing   up   a   mud   machine   and   taking   it   for   a   spin,   off   the main    road,    of    course.    However,    with    as    much    fun    as    off- roading   is,   it   comes   with   a   price   just   like   any   other   hobby,   and a   part   of   that   price   is   having   the   right   tyres   on   the   vehicle.   We can help you make an informed choice.

Track Day

 22/09/2017 Manufacturers   have   reacted   to   demand   by   supplying   treaded road-legal   tyres   for   track   use.   These   will   only   give   their   best grip   in   the   conditions   they’ve   been   optimised   for,   and   it’s essential   to   keep   them   in   their   ideal   working   temperature window. Outside of this, grip levels drop. There     are     also     some     good     crossover     hypersport     tyres available   that   are   made   to   perform   well   on   track,   but   are designed   to   warm   up   and   retain   heat   better   than   a   dedicated track tyre.  Talk to us and well help you make the right choice

Adventure Bike Tyres

 22/09/2017 Adventure   bike   tyres   face   an   almost   impossible   task.   Their   asked to    provide    predictable,    reliable    grip    across    a    wide    range    of surfaces   while   lasting   a   long   time   and   providing   ideal   handling qualities    whatever    the    bike    or    the    terrain.    The    correct    choice based   upon   where   you’ll   spend   most   time   riding   is   important. We’ll help you select the best tyres for your requirements.
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