Club 2000 Sport & Leisure
Sport and Leisure for people with disabilities
Oakengates Leisure Centre, Oakengates, Telford (Meets every Thursday evening 18:30 - 21:00hrs)

Club 2000 Rules

Club 2000 is a friendly enough club, but there are rules.  There have to be, really, to keep everyone safe.  These rules (or Policies and Procedures) tell members and volunteers alike what is expected of them, and what happens when the rules are broken.  We have printed the rules in the newsletters for 2016, starting in April. Those of you who have  been Club 2000 members for a long time will know that we have what are known as ‘Policies and Procedures’ - otherwise known as The Rules.  These rules are for members and volunteers, and they set out how you are expected to behave at Club and what happens if you break those rules.  We used to give everyone a copy of the rules every year, but most of you either didn’t bother to read them or simply lost them, so for the next few months the rules and what happens if you break them are going to be in the newsletter.  Members Code of Conduct, which is the Members Rules for Club 2000: 1. Members will not be allowed to come into Club if they appear to be drunk or to have taken illegal drugs.  If members arrive drunk or get drunk while at Club, they will be sent home. 2. On Thursdays, members must not hang around outside the Leisure Centre building.  If they are coming to Club, they must come into the building and stay inside unless there is an activity outside with a volunteer in charge. 3. On Thursdays, members and carers MUST make sure that they are registered as soon as they get to the leisure centre BEFORE they do anything else 4. Members must not fight with or hurt other members or volunteers 5. Members should try to respect (listen to) other members or volunteers 6. Members must not take anything that belongs to anybody else without that person’s permission 7. The volunteers are there to run activities and to help the members to enjoy those activities.  Members MUST do as the volunteer in charge of the activity that he or she is taking part in says.  This will help to keep members and volunteers safe from being hurt or from getting into trouble with the staff at the leisure centre. 8. Members must not damage on purpose the room they are in or anything belonging to anybody else. 9. Members are expected to pay their membership money and money for outings when asked to do so. 10. New members may come to Club three times without joining.  If they want to come to Club after the third time, they must fill out a membership form and pay the membership money. This is what happens if you break these rules:- Disciplinary Procedure for Members. 1. Any volunteer who sees a member behaving in a dangerous way or against the Members Code of Conduct will tell the member to stop the behaviour. 2. If the behaviour continues, the volunteer will tell the session leader (the person running the activity) who will tell the member to stop the behaviour. 3. There are special rules for swimming.  They are on a different page (and will be in next month’s newsletter) 4. For all other activities at the leisure centre and all activities away from the leisure centre, if the behaviour happens again, the Chairperson, or, if he or she is not available, the Secretary or Treasurer will tell the member to stop the behaviour 5. If the behaviour happens again, the Chairperson will send the member a WRITTEN WARNING 6. If the behaviour happens again, the member will be asked to appear in front of the committee, who may decide to SUSPEND MEMBERSHIP temporarily or END MEMBERSHIP permanently.  The member may bring a parent, carer or other advocate to the meeting.  The committee’s decision will be final. If the behaviour is very dangerous, or violent or otherwise obviously very serious, step 5 or step 6 will be taken even in the behaviour has happened only once. If the member thinks the way he or she has been treated under steps 2 to 5 is unfair, he or she may appeal to the committee.  The member will be invited to come to a full committee meeting with a parent, carer or other advocate to talk about the situation.  The committee’s decision will be final. The Volunteer Code of Conduct and the Discplinary Procedure for Volunteers.   1. On Thursdays volunteers must make sure that they are ticked as present on the register 2. Volunteers must be reliable.  If you have said that you will be there or do that, you must be there or do that (or arrange for someone to take your place) 3. Volunteers must not bring the name of the Club into disrepute 4. Volunteers must listen to and respect the members’ ideas and views 5. Volunteers must not repeat what a member tells them unless it needs to be passed on for the member’s benefit and the member has given consent 6. Volunteers must always make sure they are open in everything they do so no accusation of abuse can be made 7. Volunteers must always act in a sensible way with members 8. Volunteers must never take anything that does not belong to them 9. Volunteers must do as they are asked by any volunteer in charge of an activity 10. Volunteers must not be alone with any member (not just a member of the opposite sex) 11. Volunteers must avoid unnecessary physical contact with members 12. Volunteers must not form relationships with members, make any sexual advances or show any form of favouritism—this will be construed as taking advantage of a member’s vulnerability 13. Volunteers must not have members on their Facebook friends lists unless that member is related to them If you break these rules: 1. Any volunteer who offends against the Volunteer Code of Conduct, or whose behaviour has been complained about by a parent, carer or other member of the public, will be invited to meet the three Club officers informally to discuss the issues. If the volunteer who is the subject of the disciplinary procedure is an officer of the Club, the remaining officers will co-opt another committee member to attend this meeting. 2. If the volunteer does not wish to attend such a meeting, or if the Club officers believe that a disciplinary issue has arisen, the volunteer will be asked to make a formal appearance before the full committee.  This appearance will be either at a special meeting of the committee or as an agenda item at a routine meeting.  The committee may decide to REPRIMAND the volunteer or END HIS OR HER CONNECTION WITH CLUB 2000 3. If the volunteer believes the committee’s decision is unfair, he or she may ask to appear at a further meeting of the committee.  The volunteer may bring a friend or professional adviser to support him or her at the meeting.  The decision of the committee at or following this meeting will be final. The Rules for the Swimming Session and What Happens if you Break Them. 1. You must look after your money and anything valuable you have brought with you.  You must lock them up in a swimming pool locker or take them on to poolside and ask the volunteer with the list to look after them for you. 2. You must not take all your clothes off except in a changing room or cubicle. 3. You must use the men’s or ladies’ changing room to get change unless: ¨ Your parent or carer stays with you while you change or ¨ The volunteer in charge of swimming has said you may use a cubicle. THESE RULES ARE FOR VOLUNTEERS, PARENTS AND CARERS TOO: 4. You must give your name to the volunteer on poolside BEFORE you get into the water and AFTER you get out, even if you are only going to the toilet. 5. You must not run in the changing or pool areas. 6. You must not push anyone into the pool, or under the water, or splash anyone on poolside or in the changing area. 7. You must not cuddle or kiss anyone in the swimming pool. 8. You must ALWAYS do what you are told by a volunteer or pool attendant. IF YOU BREAK THE RULES: 1. If you break the rules once, the session leader will ban you from swimming for ONE week. 2. If you break the rules a 2nd time, the session leader will ban you from swimming for THREE weeks. 3. If you break the rules a 3rd time, you will be banned from swimming PERMANENTLY. If the way you break the rules is very dangerous or upsets members of the public (not Club 2000 members or volunteers) who are using the pool, the session leader may go to step 2 even if it is the first time you have broken the rules.
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