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Club 2000 Sport and Leisure exists for the benefit of people over 16 with physical and/or learning disabilities, to provide them with the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of sport and leisure activities. Whether you want to get involved as a volunteer or participate as a member there is a place for you at Club 2000! As a member you will have the opportunity to get involved in a sociable and friendly group who meet at the Oakengates Leisure Centre on a Thursday evening 6.30 – 9pm. As a volunteer for Club 2000, you will have the opportunity to give something back. The   enormous   achievement   you'll   experience   doing   something   really   worthwhile   will   be   matched   only by   the   fun   you   will   have.   You'll   be   working   with   like-minded   people   who   want   to   make   sure   the members have a good time and have great memories to look back on. So teamwork is important. You'll   make   good   friends;   you'll   learn   valuable   new   skills   and   grow   as   a   person;   and   you'll   be   sure   of   a warm welcome from other volunteers and members. As   a   volunteer,   there's   a   vast   array   of   things   you   can   get   involved   in,   from   helping   out   at   Oakengates Leisure   Centre   in   the   gym,   at   the   craft   area,   with   Bingo   or   the   Wii   Fit,   there   is   also   opportunity   to assist   the   club   with   days’   out   to   places   like   Cadbury   World,   A   water   park   or   a   Barmouth   trip!   For   more information, click on the Activities drop down menu which is above. Club   2000   Sport   and   Leisure   is   a   registered   charity,   totally   independent   of   the   Local   Authority,   and   is run by a team of dedicated volunteers.  Club   2000   has   no   external   funding.   We   rely   solely   on   membership   fees,   donations   and   the   fund raising   efforts   of   members,   volunteers,   local   Lions,   Rotary   Clubs,   Inner   Wheel   and   local   companies.      If you would like to donate, or take part helping to raise funds please don’t hesitate to contact us. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook!  
Registered Charity No. 1077511 Club 2000 Sport & Leisure

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Club   2000   is   run   entirely   by volunteers. If    you    would    like    to    see    our volunteering           opportunities, please   click   on   the   tab   labelled Volunteers which is above. Then   drop   us   an   email   stating that     you     would     like     to     get involved.    We    look    forward    to hearing from you!!
We are friendly and inclusive club where people with disabilities, including learning disabilities can meet to socialise as well take part in organised activities. Club 2000 meets at the Oakengates Leisure Centre in Telford from 6.30 - 9.00 p.m on a Thursday evening.  
Want to help? Club 2000 is run entirely by volunteers.  Volunteering opportunities are listed on our ‘ Volunteering Page’ - Situations vacant page of this web site. If you would like to get involved by being a Club 2000 volunteer and help our members to get the most out of the activities offered, please get in touch by using the Contact us link.  Thank you

Club 2000 has no external funding.

We rely solely on membership fees, donations and the fund raising efforts of members, volunteers, local Lions, Rotary Clubs, Inner Wheel and local companies.  If you would like to donate, or take part helping to raise funds please don’t hesitate to contact us. Email us or message us via facebook. We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Club 2000 has no external funding. 

Sport and Leisure for people with disabilities
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Club 2000 Sport & Leisure
Oakengates Leisure Centre, Oakengates, Telford (Meets every Thursday evening 18:30 - 21:00hrs)
Registered Charity No. 1077511


Anyone connected with Club 2000 will be aware of how well it meets the aims of providing social and sporting activities for learning disabled people. The invaluable support and enthusiasm of volunteers make each get together and trip and outing not only possible, but safe and enjoyable. Members look forward to Thursday and talk about outings weeks and months ahead.  From the point of view of families and carers, we see the enjoyment on the faces of loved ones, hear about their friends and share the excitement leading up to discos, trips and most importantly THE HOLIDAY! We, the families and carers, make sure the costs of trips are covered, remind members to take appropriate clothing on trips and sort out the pick-up times and transport. In short, we feel as if we are planning for our own holiday and in a way, it is. The annual holiday not only gives members the chance to have a break with their friends, it is also a time for families and carers to take a break of their own, knowing that their loved one is doing something everyone else has a chance to do, with their friends and dedicated volunteers who will keep them safe. Club 2000 is great at keeping families in touch with what is going on, and the holiday is no exception. The Club Facebook page is filled with pictures of their outings, the train ride, the boat trip and lots and lots of pictures of giant ice creams! The live feed on Facebook is hilarious and how anyone manages to sleep while on holiday is beyond me! So, to sum up, Club 2000 is great for members but brilliant for families and carers too. Thanks everyone at Club for all that you do!  

Kath - Parent

Having been coming to Club 2000 for over two years as Harry Cope’s support worker I think all the volunteers and supporters do an amazing job of keeping the club running and always have fun activities and events going on. Harry always looks forward to coming to club every week as do I as everyone is always so welcoming and friendly. I would recommend the club to anyone who is looking to join.  

Chris  - Carer

My son, Harry, joined Club 2000 as soon as he was able to. He attends the weekly meetings, has joined the yearly holiday, been on various trips and taken part in sports days. Harry has gained, and continues to gain, confidence in himself since joining and this is primarily due to the expertise of the many volunteers that make Club 2000 possible. The opportunities afforded to the members are varied and fun and allow a vulnerable group within our society a safe place for them to join in, meet friends and enjoy themselves. Our family are very grateful for Club 2000 and the excellent service that they provide for our son.  

Karen - Parent

Rhys has been going to Club 2000 for a few weeks now and he loves it. Although he does not take part in any other activities, other than the gym.  He is made to feel welcome and included. Rhys comes home feeling happy, energised and empowered.  

Charlotte - Parent

My son, Lee has been attending Club 2000 for the past 14 months and it has been a great experience for him. Lee has autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD so does have many days where he struggles in accepting different places and new experiences, but he has accepted Club 2000, he has so much fun. He goes to the gym with other peers from the group and they have fun whilst getting plenty of exercise. The volunteers are great giving lots of encouragement and positive feedback. He then also likes to play bingo which is a lot of fun and plays on the Nintendo Wii with another group of his peers, mainly bowling. They have quite a little competition going which is great to see. The volunteers are so friendly and helpful. They make the Thursday evenings so much fun for all the members but also for the carers who attend as well. Club 2000 is a great group. I am so glad my son Lee has accepted going, I feel it has enriched his experiences of being and accepting other people.   

Lesley - Parent  

Great club to join, they do a lot for their members, including discos, sports, outings and plays. They need your support to keep providing their valuable service, so become a member, you won’t regret it!  

Rodney Cotsbrook - Carer