Club 2000 Sport & Leisure
Sport and Leisure for people with disabilities
Oakengates Leisure Centre, Oakengates, Telford (Meets every Thursday evening 18:30 - 21:00hrs)

Chairman’s Report  

September 2016 Welcome back everyone. I   hope   you   all   enjoyed   the   break,   and   that   you   are   looking   forward   to   all   the   Club   activities   that   we   have planned in the coming months. The   volunteers   have   continued   to   be   busy   during   the   break   and   have   been   working   hard   to   develop   the   Club and improve facilities and activities for members. The   Club   management   committee   met   to   plan   events   and   trips   for   the   next   12   months.   You   will   find   the details for all of these in the Club Newsletter. Emma   and   Michelle   have   been   busy   designing   and   developing   a   new   web-site   for   the   Club,   bringing   it up to date and easier to use. Eight   of   our   volunteers   have   attended   a   first   aid   course   and   now   qualified   to   administer   first   aid   if   necessary,   either   on   Club meeting   nights   or   when   we   go   on   trips.   The   new   first   aiders   are   in   addition   to   a   number   of   us   who   are   already   qualified, meaning that most of the volunteers are now first aid qualified. Michelle   and   I   have   been   busy   updating   all   our   Club   polices   and   procedures.   We   have   met   with   Telford   &   Wrekin   CVS   who   are helping   us   to   write   a   new   Club   Constitution   and   other   policies   and   procedures   that   are   essential   for   a   registered   charity   to have   in   place.   The   aim   of   this   work   is   to   bring   these   essential   documents   up   to   date   and   to   provide   a   safer   environment   for the volunteers and members. Emma   has   been   out   buying   more   new   games   for   the   Club   and   these   should   be   ready   for   you   to   use   when   we   return   on   8 th   September. Finally,   we   have   continued   with   our   fund-raising   and   we   have   recently   received   a   significant   donation   from   David   Hodson, who   is   the   brother   of   member   representative,   Daniel   Briggs.   The   Club   is   now   in   a   strong   position   financially   and   we   will   be using the all money we have raised for the benefit of members. Kev Wynn Chairman for Club 2000

Secretary Report

I just want to start by saying what a brilliant job the members did of putting together an amazing Panto this year and for all the volunteers that helped and supported the members it was a fantastic night. Well done to you all for all your hard work.  Could I just ask that all members that have taxis, can they arrange that the taxi is booked for 8.45pm as this will give volunteers time to chase up the taxis if needed? Those members that arrive before 6:30 PM can I ask you not to arrive any earlier than the start of Club 2000 this is because volunteers don't start work until 6:30pm and if anything happens to you then we may not be there to help. The old Facebook page has now closed we are in the process of moving over pictures and videos, as there are so many of them is taking time so please bear with us. You can look for a new page on Facebook if you search for 'Official Club 2000', we will keep this updated with any news or information on the trips that will be going on in 2016!! Safeguarding - if you have any problems or concerns or worries please come and find myself Michelle Bragg or Rob Raine. 
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